We are single minded in our focus. No distractions. We are not an advertising or a media agency. Our success is based on how we approach our work. Tourism Alchemy™ provides sentiment analysis and data integration for the travel and tourism industry. Our Emotionality Indexsm uncovers the important emotional dimensions behind attitudes and opinions that techniques such as surveys can miss.

Powered by Satya Analytics’ proprietary and breakthrough algorithms, we dive beyond the numbers to gain unfiltered insight and understanding of the emotional sentiment and psychographic traits that lead to why people choose a destination and purchase travel. We do this by defining cohorts and important insights. Psychographic analysis is based on proven research linking personality traits to specific consumer behaviors, effective marketing techniques and messaging.

  • We curate and sample a wide range of social media, news sites, forums, and blogs.
  • Our proprietary technology sets new standards in sentiment accuracy and detail using industry-specific models and context-aware analysis.
  • Data is normalized to ensure that high-volume platforms such as Twitter don’t dominate and skew the results.
  • Machine learning and smart humans continuously improve our analysis and uncover hidden insights in the data.
  • We calibrate and validate our results with alternative information sources.

It’s important to remember that emotions are volatile and highly influenced by unfolding external uncontrollable events. We recommend that users remain wary of relying on trends and keep close to the truth.