Why Tourism Alchemy™

Tourism Alchemy™ seeks the truth. The unfiltered truth. Unfiltered sentiment provides a finer level of detail and provides a greater level of accuracy. Tourism Alchemy™ shows why people take the actions they take when considering travel and the destinations they travel to and what they want to do when they get there. We take something ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary.

Powered by Satya Analytics’ proprietary and breakthrough algorithms, we dive deep to gain unfiltered insight and understanding of the emotional sentiment that leads to why people choose a destination and buy travel.

  • We understand the contextual factors and biases that mislead legacy sentiment analysis technologies.
  • Our analysis uses multiple emotional dimensions and psychographic traits to reveal decision making styles, social dynamics, attitutes to risk and change, communication preferences, and the likelihood of taking action.
  • We track the level of engagement, passion and enthusiasm which directly correlates to response.
  • Unlike the fictional traveler personas typically used by marketers, Tourism Alchemy’s Dynamic Personas are built on real data from millions of individuals and billions of data points.
  • By continually collecting anonymous data, personal data is protected.
  • We capture billions of data points from millions of people and have what amounts to an ongoing real time focus group. Unlike a focus group, individuals respond to their truth rather than to a set of predesigned questions.
  • Tourism Alchemy™ distills traveler sentiment into actionable strategies that can drive engagement.
  • Independent and unaffiliated.

Tourism Alchemy™ can also integrate your data with ours to create predictive analytics and leading indicators.